Ethnic Beauty – Can You Guess The Origins Of These Mixed Girls?

Can You Guess The Origins Of These Mixed Girls?


With fashion and beauty service expanding with each day with new trends, ideas and movements it is no wonder that we get to see so much more content related to it on a daily basis and on our social media feeds. As we scroll through beauty Instagram blogs and pages we come across tons of fresh things to inspire us, as well as new and gorgeous faces, many of which join the world of modeling. And while many don’t necessarily go down that career path, their beauty without a doubt would land them easily right onto the world runways.

In this article we’ve picked some of the gorgeous people that would easily fit the above description. And to make things more fun and interesting for you – here’s a little challenge – try to guess these girls’ ethnicity and origins just by their looks! A little hint for you – all of them are mixed.

Ready? Now, let’s get right to it:

With very distinct and unique facial features, as well as prominent dark eyes, this girl is specifically 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 French/Corsican.


Next on the list – this woman with gorgeous complexion and physique is of African-American and German descent.

This shot is perfect for seeing facial features up close, but if you can’t figure it out and give up – here’s your answer – she is mixed Albanian and Serbian.

Now, after the last one, you probably think this one will be a tricky one, but it’s actually easy – this girl is mixed black and white.

These two are actually twins of Chinese and Jamaican descent. Also, they totally rock those matching black and white swimsuits and hair!



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