We need system that prioritises workers’ welfare — Labour

We need system that prioritises workers’ welfare — Labour

A labour leader, Mr Gbenga Komolafe, has urged labour unions to clamour for a new socio-economic system that put their interest on the front burner.


He called for a system that would prioritise working people and their allies in the peasantry and informal sector.

Komolafe spoke at the Lagos State Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) 5th Triennial State Delegates’ Conference held on Monday in Lagos.

He is the General Secretary, Federation of Informal Workers Organization of Nigeria (FIWON), a trade union organisation.

Komolafe was guest lecturer at the conference, with the theme, ‘’The Role of Labour in Nation Building through Electioneering Process’’.

He also charged Labour Union to get involved more in political activities as it was the case in precolonial Nigeria.

‘’Historically, labour has always been upfront in defining a direction for the political trajectory.

‘’In the anti-colonial struggle that led to independence, labour played leading roles and helped to define a political programme and vision that benefitted not just a few privileged people, but working people as well.

‘’So, we must go back to that tradition where organised labour are able to play more frontal roles, meaning, they should be able to have their own political platform, ‘’ he said.

He said also that labour’s role in building the nation was more central, particularly as the country was facing a lot of challenges

We need system that prioritises workers’ welfare — Labour


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